Hello Yogis & Friends,

Lately, many people have been talking to me about wanting to take a step forward, but something or another is holding them back. Turning toward what’s hard and scary and vulnerable doesn’t usually come naturally, well for me it doesn’t. But over the course of a few big life events over the last few years (including starting a family) I’ve learned that the energy I spend trying to avoid my fear is best spent walking right toward it with an open and willing heart. This is not easy! But what I do know, is that so far, it’s been worth it every single time.

“You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are.” ~Yogi Bhajan
Today, I want to share with you a simple process to turn fear into power. I think the first step is to see fear a little differently and look at it as an opportunity for self discovery and growth. Seeing fear as the gateway from wishing and wanting to doing and being.

So how do you turn around that fear that holds you back from living the wildly successful, abundant, joy-filled life that you crave and deserve?

I was fearful of leaving my full time, well paid, office job for the 7 yoga classes I was teaching a week as my full income. How would we pay the mortgage? What if I’m actually no good at yoga? Would people actually turn up to my classes? But looking back and as I write this, I realise that fear isn’t who I am and it no longer controls me as it did for all those years sitting in an office.

What I have also learned, is that fear presents itself in all sorts of different ways, confusion, a lack of motivation, uncertainty or for me it was a deep nervousness. I couldn’t stand and present confidently in the board room, because of nerves, but I am happiest standing in front of a room full of yogis teaching what I love.

This taught me one really important lesson…

Where there is fear, there is empowerment.

The trick is to turn your fear into power, which at first may seem unachievable, but when I really thought about it, there are four steps to work through the process.

1] Self-reflection and affirmation

Grab a pen and paper

Take a comfortable seat and close your eyes. Take a few moments to come into a deep breath.
How does fear show up in your own life?
Does fear come out in your tone of voice, in the way you talk to your family members or friends, in inner feelings of rage of and resentment?
Is your fear rebellious? Angry? Hurt? How does it manifest?

Take a few moments to contemplate these questions and write down your thoughts.

Recognising how fear shows up, can give us the answer to what you truly want and take the steps towards that place. You will know in your own heart what the right path is.

Turn that self-reflection into an affirmation; “I deserve to experience success on my own terms, to have fun and be abundant.”

Repeat at least three times, and take every opportunity you can to repeat your mantra.

2] The pros and cons

Make a pros and cons list of what would happen if you were to go ahead with your passions and vision, despite your fear. This often helps us realise it can work, and practically it is not as scary as you initially thought.

3] ACT!

I feel most people that talk to me about following their dreams, are great at steps 1 and 2, but when it comes to taking action…things go a little pear shaped.

So here goes…you can act in the face of fear without the whole world crashing down on you.

The next step really is to actually go and do it.

Yes the first step is often the hardest.

For me, opening the studio and working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, without really knowing how to do anything, other than teach yoga, was not easy!

Having no one or just one person show up to a tonne of yoga classes, was not easy.

Figuring out how on earth to set up a card machine, was not easy.

Be patient with yourself.

Things will work out.


Celebrate every little success and I mean every little success. When that card machine lit up and said “connected to iPad”, I jumped for joy and took a moment to really enjoy just that.


The best part about following these steps is that you become more aligned with who you are what you want in life. And, I have to say, it becomes easier to pursue further dreams every time you step into that fear. This year, I will be teaching my first Yoga Teacher Training course and I can’t wait.


Are you ready to empower yourself? What is your next step?