Last November, 6 months postpartum, my husband and I started a new business. The Eco Larder; Edinburgh’s first plastic-free supermarket as a not for profit social enterprise. At the same time, we started our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course, which I had written whilst pregnant and before The Eco Larder was even an idea! 


November 2018 was full of adrenaline and new ideas and surrounded by a lot of people. An energy in which I operate at my best. However, I put myself at the bottom of the list. Being 6 months postpartum after a very complex birth, meant my healing needed to be my priority. This meant that by March 2019, I was completely burnt out. 


By April 2019, I put myself at the forefront again and kept all the things going, but made a fierce commitment to loving myself and taking care of my own energy. 


This November, I want to share with you a path to my own healing journey and hope it can resonate with you. 


I will be sharing this path on our Sunshine Yoga Facebook and Instagram accounts. 


Before I share the full ritual with you, I would like to give you three easy self care rituals, you can start today.


The practice begins with ourselves. 


1. What do I choose today?


Every moment is a new moment. It is very easy to stay stuck in the past or wishing you had done this or that. These thoughts can drain our energy. It has helped me immensely to recognise that every moment is a new moment and that I have a choice in front of me. 


This can be I choose myself or I choose my wellbeing, I choose peace of mind, I choose to be committed to myself. I choose love, honour and respect for myself. Whatever it is that you wish to choose, take a moment to write it down and engage in that choice. 


2. Wash your hands in Warm Water


We often spend our days in busy environments, picking up on other people’s energy, thoughts and feelings. This can often shape how we feel and in the worst-case scenario, create heaviness. This energy is invisible to the eye, but can still have a profound effect on our day to day wellbeing. It can also be dealt with very quickly with the magic of water. 


Water is sacred and always takes the path of least resistance. Water washes, cleanse and purifies. So take a moment to wash your hands with warm water and say internally; 


“Thank you for clearing me from any energy that is not mine to carry.”


3. Calling yourself home before Sleep 


Talking of busy environments, having the chance to wash your hands with intention is not possible at all times. However, we all go to bed at night and this is an opportune time to recall all the threads of energy that may have left you throughout the day.


Lie down on your bed and say out loud or within your own mind, something like; 


“I call back all the energy that left with other people throughout the day, through all my interactions. I ask for the energy to be returned to me.” 


These three rituals are so simple, yet immensely powerful. I hope they can be of help to you. If you would like to continue on this journey, please follow our posts on Facebook and Instagram and make a commitment to your own personal self care.