It all feels so new, yet very natural at the same time. I absolutely love my baby bump and practicing and teaching yoga has brought me to a new level of connection to my baby and body.

If you come to the studio regularly, you will have noticed I tend to teach the gentle classes with a lot of love, nurturing and healing. Twice a week, I do still teach the slightly more sweaty classes in the form of Vinyasa Flow, but I feel grateful to have my husband Matt and fellow yoga teacher at the studio with me, to take over those classes in case my energy isn’t quite there.

Some days, I find I have lots of energy and I’m flying through the Vinyasa, however, other days, the faster pace does make me more forgetful in the flow! At first, I was really embarrassed about this “pregnancy brain” phenomenon, however, I have now embraced it fully and if I forget things, so be it! It has been so heartwarming to receive the loveliest messages, cards and emails from students saying they are enjoying their classes on a new level as well with me being pregnant. Yoga is all about connecting to people, ourselves and sharing energy. Being pregnant amplifies these energies to bring us even closer.

Besides teaching regular yoga classes, I feel life has really led me on the most beautiful path to teach pregnancy yoga. I managed to get the last spot on a pregnancy teacher training, which I did when I was just 6 weeks pregnant.

Ever since, I have been teaching pregnancy yoga and it is a true joy. Seeing the journey of mamas-to-be as their bump and baby grows and how they change and prepare for the arrival of their baby is truly magical. But, lets face it pregnancy isn’t all calm smiles, caressing your bump and glowing skin, it can but really crappy at times too. When you’re pregnant you can be so tired, sick, in pain, or even just plain scared. This is why pregnancy yoga is so wonderful; there is a group of women in exactly the same boat, and after there is space to sit and have a cup of tea at our wee cafe too, making it an even better experience to chat to like minded people. It has been absolutely delightful to share this experience with fellow pregnant mammas.

During the classes, I create a gentle flow that helps mammas bond with baby, getting everyone to breathing slowly and deeply and providing space to create an hour of peace! If you are anything like me, I find the amount of information (especially as a first time Mum!) totally overwhelming. It just feels amazing to take an hour of bliss, coming back to nature, without all the fuss, without the millions of possible pram options to ponder over!

Nevertheless, the point of pregnancy yoga is that you get from it what you need whether it be rest, movement, friends, sleep, confidence or even if you just come for the chocolate at the end. The most important things is that you come and do something for yourself.

If you are also pregnant and would like to join the next course, it is starting on  Sunday the 14th at 12:30 and lasts for 5 weeks.

Sending lots of loving vibes to all.

Stephanie x