Hello Yogis & Friends,

If you have been to any of my Yin Classes, you will know the topic of Forgiveness comes up regularly. Everything I teach stems from my own experience in some way and trust me, just like you, I have experienced pain, heartache and the feeling of my whole world collapsing.

The practice of forgiveness is what saves me and keeps me a happy and joyful being.

This is why I love to guide people to let go of fear and remember to love through forgiveness. I know how powerful forgiveness is, and I know how free you can feel from meditating in this way, because I experience this every day.

Forgiveness is a deep topic, but today, I wanted to share with you three typical misunderstandings of forgiveness and give a little light on each of them.

Myth 1: We forgive only if we can get an apology

Remember that forgiveness is an act of love. It is unconditional, otherwise it is not forgiveness. If we forgive the person on the basis that they change their behaviour or they apologise, it means you have made the other person the decision maker in your process of forgiving. Step into your own power, don’t let the person who hurt you have any form of control.

Myth 2: When we forgive, it is like you are letting the person off the hook

I agree that forgiving the person, will likely make them feel better to some degree. But only if that person actually cares. Nevertheless, we have to remember forgiveness is for ourselves, not for the benefit of anyone else.

Myth 3: To forgive, we have to forget or excuse the offending behaviour

Forgetting is not part of forgiving. With forgiveness, we are able to release the past and stand strong in the present. The memories remain, but their power to hurt us does not. We forgive for one main reason; to be free of negative emotions, which is very different from excusing the other person.I hope this is helpful for some of you and that by practicing forgiveness, we can create a more peaceful world. The process starts with each individual.


Sending all the Love & Peace,

Stephanie x