F A C I A L  -  T H E R A P Y
F A C I A L - T H E R A P Y

Using the nourishing powers of Rose Quartz, our facial massage therapy is a holistic treatment that connects to muscular aches and pains in the body to help soothe, improve the flow of energy and relax them. In essence this therapy is a combination of the wisdom of ancient medical traditions with modern neuro-anatomy to help improve underlying imbalances, which often manifest in our bodies in the form of physical, mental and/or emotional issues. Technically this is not a beauty treatment, but by relaxing facial muscles, it can tighten the skin and give you a healthy glow that makes you look as good as you feel and feel as good as you look.

T H E - S U N S H I N E - R I T U A L
T H E - S U N S H I N E - R I T U A L

The Sunshine Ritual is our exclusive signature experience to revitalise and rebalance the mind through a combination of connecting to your spiritual side and relaxation. This indulgent ritual helps to bring the body into balance and take you into a meditative state through using hot stones, facial massage, warm face clothes, essential oils, reiki. A balancing and soothing therapeutic scalp massage then leads to ultimate relaxation and total bliss. This therapy aims to bring clarity and let go of stress and anxiety.

A healthy human sometimes needs a treatment or two to improve their well-being and enhance their yoga practice!

Delivering the ultimate service, we will re-balance your mind, soften stiff muscles, address injuries, keep you healthy and make your body smile again. Our Sunshine Ritual lasts for 60 minutes and costs £45 and our Facial Massage Therapy is a 30 minute treatment and costs £25.

Our therapies are available at the following times:

The Sunshine Ritual 

Every Thursday and Friday at 14:00

Facial Massage Therapy

Every Wednesday at 13:15 & 14:00

To Book an Appointment, please use the Sunshine Yoga APP or the Book a Class page on the website.