As I’m writing this blog, it is blizzarding in all directions with snow outside and I know I need to take the wheelie bin in, but there is no way I’m going out there! Anyways, back to juicing….

I started juicing just over a year ago, on and off, and I would like it to be more consistent. When I take regular juices, my energy levels rocket, my skin glows and it generally kick-starts healthy habits for me, making me feel a whole lot healthier. There is a serious amount of veggies, nutrients and vitamins that go into each juice, much more than I would generally eat in one, two or when particually naughty, three days!

Green leaves, like Spinach and Kale, definitely contain the most vitamins and nutrients, and the vitamins in Carrots do wonders for my skin. So with this in mind and a bit of experimenting, I have discovered my optimum Juice recipe…

  • 2.5 big hand fulls of spinach [tightly squeezed into the hand]

  • 3/4th of a cucumber [try to buy the biggest ones in the shop!]

  • 1 fun-size red apple [lots of sugar in apples, so go for a wee one if you can!]

  • 2cm thick slice of gin

  • Ginger [reduce size if zingi-ness is too much]

  • squeeze of 1/4th of a lemon

  • 3 Large Celery Stalks

  • 1 carrot

And when I am in real need of a boost, I add three Kale leaves, but I’m not the biggest fan, so I only chuck them in, when I really have to!

I bought the Russell Hobbs 20360 Juicer with two speed settings and it works great. The pulp needs emptying after every second juice, as otherwise it gets a bit lumpy. This is the final result of my latest juice…

Anyways, if you fancy giving juicing a go, there are two things I have learned; 1. Don’t put the grind of a lemon into the juicer! It goes a bit nuts and 2. If making multiple juices at a time, store them in air-tight containers in the fridge immediatly, to keep the nutrients.

Last year, I lost roughly 4lbs in January by replacing breakfast with my Green Juice. With doing lots of yoga and generally eating healthy for the whole year, this managed to stay off…until Christmas obviously! I only put on a couple of pounds, but this is a sign to start replacing breakfast with Green Juices again! And I know its pretty much the end of January, but better late than never!