Love Foods

Vegan Take out Lunch Packets

We believe in healthy vegan food to give the body all it needs, our studio hosts a monthly Supper Club and our retreats throughout the year are all healthy vegan recipes.

We have our ‘Love Foods’ services available at Sunshine to take the stress out of your busy days. We have two options to work around you. Scroll down to find out more.

Love Foods delivery subscriptions

We are ready to reinvigorate your lunchtime eating habits.

With Love Foods delivery subscriptions, you order your lunch packets filled with delicious plant-based foods to leave you feeling healthy and balanced. You choose the duration of your subscription from a minimum of 3 weeks, you choose either 3 or 5 lunches per week, we deliver to your door within a 3 mile radius of the studio, and you no longer have to worry about cooking or being unhealthy with all your lunches taken care of. There are four options to choose from;

3 weeks (£67.50 for 3 lunches a week or £97.50 for 5 lunches a week)

6 weeks (£135 for 3 lunches a week or £195 for 5 lunches a week)

9 weeks (£202.50 for 3 lunches a week or £292.50 for 5 lunches a week)

12 weeks (£270 for 3 lunches a week or £390 for 5 lunches a week)

If any of the above options are for you ORDER HERE


Love Foods collection + Yoga

We will make you 3 days of lunches or 5 days of lunches…and the best thing about it, is that you get a yoga class for free when collecting your lunches! You choose from our set collection times during the week and enjoy yoga at the studio too.

3 days of lunch packets  + 1 yoga class – £25

Collect three days of lunches at either…

8pm on Sunday night and enjoy a yummy restorative hour of Candlelit Yoga


7am on Monday Morning and start your week with Sunrise Yoga

5 days of lunch packets + 2 yoga classes – £35

We love to keep the food as fresh as possible, so two collections are required, meaning you get two free yoga classes as well!

The first collection is at the same times as the 3 day lunch packets as noted above and the second collection is either at either…

8:30pm on Wednesday for a slow and restorative Yin Yoga session


7am Sunrise on Thursday morning for a refreshing Sunrise Yoga Class

You can place your order through our Book a Class Page or by sending us an email.

If you have any questions, just send us an email to or come chat to us at the studio.


Food made with Love…Love Foods at Sunshine Yoga