It is a very windy Monday evening with storm Henry whirling around as I write this in the warmth of my cosy home. Murphy, my 14 week old Golden Retriever is staying glued to my leg after I left him and my husband to have a boys weekend of cricketing and puppy classes, while my dear friend and fellow Yogi Catherine, my amazing Mum and myself ventured off to Elie to host Edinburgh Sunshine Yoga’s January Yoga Detox Retreat.

Over the course of the weekend, we enjoyed 12 Juices and 2 smoothies. They were all very different from each other and  each juice complimentts the next. There were a couple of Juices which went down really well and I thought I would share the group’s favourites. We started on Friday night with the Rainbow Savoury Dinner.

In fact, I am currently sipping away at this delicious delight. The Rainbow Savoury Dinner is a great intro to fruit-free vegetable juices. You’ll be surprised how much sweetness the pepper and carrots contribute to the overall flavour, and the mildness of the cucumber and lettuce really let it shine. The ingredients are;

½ head of Lettuce

½ red pepper; cored & deseeded

½ cup parsley

4 carrots

¼ cucumber

The goodness of Red pepper, which is rich in antioxidants, gives you nearly twice your recommended daily intake of vitamin C (much more than oranges!) and about 25 percent of your daily requirement of vitamin A. Red Peppers also help regulate levels of cortisol, the hormones your body releases when you’re under stress, which is why it is a great one to start any Detox Program with.

Several juices throughout the weekend later and we moved onto the Green Coco Juice. Our Western diet and stressful lifestyles are very acid forming, creating a condition called acidosis in the body. This is when the PH becomes overly acid and it can wreak havoc in the body, causing premature ageing, eczema, mood swings, tiredness, and the list could go on! The body works really hard at keeping an alkaline state, so giving it a helping hand with this juice is important in encouraging a better acid/alkaline balance.

This is a delicious way to hydrate, alkalize, detox and tantalize your taste buds. Close your eyes and you could be in Thailand!

1 pear; stalk removed

1 cup kale

¼ lime; rind and pith removed

1 lemon grass stalk

1 cucumber

½ cup coconut water

As the weekend went on, us Yogis grew such a close bond. I hosted one Vinyasa Flow, two Restorative Yoga classes, two Yoga Nidra sessions and a Juicing Workshop. We talked about everything in between and we loved our walk on Elie Beach on Sunday.

Today, I am  feeling incredibly grateful for the beautiful weekend we shared. There was so much love and happiness amongst the group. I simply cannot wait to host the next Yoga Detox Retreat in March!