I’m a very happy person, the journey of life has taken me through many paths, encountering love, sadness, wealth, poverty, support and being out there on my own. During each of these moments, happiness has always prevailed.

I have to say, it has taken me a long time to understand the ingredients of my happiness and it will certainly always baffle me, but I feel like there are three things that I know make me happy for sure. Yoga is definitely the first and most central theme. Every time I practice, a great sense of calm and tranquillity flows over me as if the fairy godmother has sprinkled her fairy dust on me. Then, there is the great outdoors; getting out there as often as possible is fundamental to my wellbeing; be it going out for a run, a walk with loved ones, or sitting on a bench with a view. The third ingredient is to practice mindfulness. By this, I mean noticing new things in every action, every moment and every person we are with, even if we see them every day! This keeps me curious, active, kind, compassionate and always able to positively engage with any person.

There are many other things I like to practice, make and do, which all bring a smile to my face, but the three ingredients of yoga, the outdoors and mindfulness are my recipe to guaranteed happiness.