Tomorrow, we are blessed with the arrival of Spring, which is such a magical time and the Equinox is probably the absolute pinnacle of this.

The moment of absolute balance and transition between the passing Winter and the incumbent Spring. It is the perfect time to reflect on and honour the experiences and knowledge that Winter has brought and look forward to and set intentions for Spring.

Spring sees life returning to earth. This spark of energy is also ignited in us making it the perfect time to set about manifesting the changes you want to see in your life.

By harnessing the change in energies present around us rather than working against them we are able to lead a life more in tune with nature and indeed our inner nature.

For most people this is “easier” in Spring and Summer because they are seen as positive, abundant and life bringing seasons. While this is absolutely true, it doesn’t mean that in contrast Winter and Autumn are all doom and gloom.

Winter invites us to slow down and indulge in some introspection. It is the season of the Niyama, Svadhyaya (self study) with the end of the year and the beginning of the new one falling in the midst of Winter, you probably naturally took a pause for some reflection and setting of intentions. It is alo the season of the water element which helps us bring up emotions and let them flow away.  

Spring on the other hand, is the season of the air element. She invites us to breathe new life into the wisdom we gained over the winter. It is the season of the Niyamas; Saucha (cleanliness) having shed what doesn’t serve us during the winter we are driven to “spring clean” and start fresh ; and Santosha (cheerfulness). 

The Spring Equinox presents us with the opportunity to embrace the essence of both these seasons, to reflect on the wisdoms gained over the past winter, to remind ourselves perhaps of the “new year resolutions“ that maybe we didn’t quite stick to. It’s not our fault by the way- mid Winter is a horrible time to do this. Spring is actually the perfect opportunity to re-ignite the sparks of your intentions and pursue your dreams with a little bit more energy and gusto.

So to help you with this I’m going to share four tips and ideas on how to invite the energy of Spring into your life…

  • Meditate and journal on what happened for you over the Winter. What did you learn and let go of? To symbolise and solidify this sheding you can write down whatever is not serving you on a piece of paper and either rip it up or burn it (safely!)
  • Set intentions – a lovely exercise is to candle gaze with a green or white candle and focus on your intentions. Once you have held these in your focus you can begin to form them into a mantra. Repeat this mantra to yourself and write it up in you home somewhere where you will see it everyday. Or change a regular password to your mantra so you *HAVE* to repeat it all the time.
  • Dress an altar for the Equinox – if you have an alter in your home or just a mantelpiece or shelf space where you can display items. Take some time to adorn it with items that remind you of your intentions or the balance. For an Equinox, I like to dress mine with “opposites” to symbolise the balance of yin and yang energies- for example a token of a sun and a moon, a white and a black candle, a moon stone and an obsidian, something masculine and something feminine. Whatever works for you, even just a bunch of daffodils to symbolise the Spring.
  • Heart openening Asanas – for your asana practice Spring is the time to focus on the heart chakra with chest opening poses like camel and cobra or wheel pose (any back bend will open your heart).  If you would like to spend some time focusing on this, a supported Matyasana (fish pose) is a beautiful heart opener that most people can rest in for some time while focusing on your breath and intentions.  

I hope these tips will give you a wonderful sense of ease into the new season.

With much love and gratitude.

Romaine x