Practicing Yoga helps us align our chakras, bringing us balance, peace and happiness. But what exactly are our Chakras?

Well, imagine a pipe with 7 gates, if any of these 7 gates are only half open or closed, the water struggles to flow through the pipe. In Yoga, this pipe is named “The Sushumna” and the 7 gates are the Chakras, connecting energy within our bodies from the sacrum to the crown of the head. Working with our Chakras provides holistic healing in every aspect of our life.

  • Root Chakra – our power house of feeling safe, grounded & connected

  • Sacral Chakra – having mutually loving and supportive relationships

  • Solar Plexus Chakra – experience peace and acceptance of your own personal power

  • Heart Chakra – deep sense of love, appreciation and gratitude

  • Throat Chakra – speak truth with confidence

  • Third Eye Chakra – letting your intuition guide you through life

  • Crown Chakra – connecting with the universe and trusting the power of where life is supposed to take you

When all 7 gates are open, the Kundalini, at the base of your spine lights up. Don’t worry if you haven’t felt your Kundali become alive yet! There are only a few people on this beautiful planet today, whose Kundalini is shining out brightly.

During every Yoga practice, we close our eyes, ground ourselves, twist away negativity, let go of our egos, open our hearts and work through our Chakras, helping us find a little bit more of the wonderful Kundalini within each of us with each practice.

Do you know which chakra or chakras you need to work on? Do you feel there is something you need to change?