Months of training have gone by and I’m flying to Amsterdam tomorrow, yet I now feel totally unfit, because of the “Taper”.  A little voice is telling me that I am not unfit, but because most training programs tell you to only do a few short distance runs from two to three weeks before the marathon, I really have this big fitness gap in my weekly routine. Maybe, it is also because I kind of took the tapper idea a little to the extreme and have done no running at all! My friends, who have done marathons before, are telling me this is great and superb rest; excellent training they say.

Nevertheless, my motto at the moment is something like “live, love and breathe yoga!” and I’m hoping it is doing my body a world of good in marathon preparation. There is another louder voice in my head, which tells me I can run the distance, but at the same time I’m also wondering if, dare I say it, can be bothered to push my body to the extremes of running at a really fast pace!

This being said, I know myself and that at the start line, I will just want to power through. I’m determined and goal driven and practicing yoga, reminds me to stay grounded and give everything my best shot.  My ego has been parked aside and I will follow the advice of this quote, “The body achieves what the mind believes”. Here is to the marathon and here I come!