Thankfully, it seems winter is slowly starting to get milder, yet, the blahs still strike.  Your bones are chilly. Your skin is pale. You and the sun are having a long distance relationship.  (You see each other on weekends, but it’s not enough).

Enter, you effective winter blah busters, which might be something like running from radiator to radiator, finding hot chocolate in between radiators, wearing the full contents of cosy jumpers your wardrobe contains and hibernating at all other times.  Going for a pampering sesh at the spa or maybe even all of the above.

Well, here is a favourite of mine to add to your list of little luxuries to warm up and politely turn one’s head the other direction from winter…a hot shower with home-made scrub that makes your skin so soft and delicious that people will just want to stroke you.

It’s so simple, grab a little bowl of sorts…add two table spoons of Olive Oil, mix in Sea Salt, until it’s thick and gue-ey and take the little concoction with you to the shower. Scrub this all over your whole body for best results.

Follow up with a nice warm bath, add a delightful book and, just like that, you’ll go from blah to ahhhhh.