Yoga, as most of us know, is beneficial. Despite recently becoming a mainstream form of exercise, yoga has been recognised for centuries as a way to promote mental and physical well-being. However, you might be wondering if yoga has these effects for children? This blog explores the top three benefits of yoga for children.

Childhood has deep impacts on later life and, thus, cultivating a regular yoga practice can create a positive foundation that will have long-lasting impacts on children’s development.

1) Calming Techniques

Anyone that practices yoga knows that one of the benefits of yoga for children is a more relaxed and calm mind. Children particularly struggle with regulating stress and emotions, which often manifest as tantrums and tears. Yoga helps children to gain better control of their emotions through teaching breathing techniques that can be used both within and outside the classroom.

Breathing allows children to create space between their actions and responses so they can pause and breath instead of becoming upset. This is a tool that children can use throughout their lives to manage stress and cultivate inner peace.

2) A Better Self-Awareness

A regular yoga practice teaches us about our body while also encouraging accepting our present conditions. A regular yoga practice has certainly provided insight into and acceptance of the changes occurring within my adult body.

Yoga has similar impacts on children. It provides a safe space for children to experiment and play with their physical capabilities. They can practice balance poses and flexibility to determine the possibilities as well as the limitations. Just like with adults, the physical practice of yoga is also connected to children’s mental state and promotes unity between the mind and body.

3) Better Focus

Yoga has been scientifically proven to enhance children’s ability to focus. Modern society is full of distractions and wee minds often struggle to sit still for any period of time. Yoga counteracts modern society by teaching children to be present within the moment, concentrate, and focus on directions that guide their physical movements. For this reason, yoga has been scientifically proven to be especially beneficial for children with ADHD.

These are just some of the benefits of yoga for children and there are many, many more. Other benefits include self-acceptance, better mental health, encourages healthy habits, acceptance of others, enhanced self-confidence, balance, and more.

At Sunshine Yoga, we strongly believe in the benefits of yoga for children, which is why we offer a special class just for wee ones. To find out more information check out our Facebook event page. Make sure you sign-up today as spaces are limited.